Global Ph.D. Programme

The new Ph.D. programme sets out to create a real research community of scholars whose work is monitored and guided by the best international standards in the field.


Methodology Seminar - 1st semester - 10 ECTS

Scientific Debate Forum - 1st semester - 10 ECTS

Research Workshop - 1st semester - 10 ECTS

Preparation of the Thesis Proposal - 2nd semester - 30 ECTS

Dissertation - 3rd to 8th semesters - 180 ECTS

Donald Regan
Donald Regan
(University of Michigan)
What I most appreciate is the students´ willingness to actually take part in a series of intellectual discussions as opposed to just sitting there waiting to be told what they ought to think…
Yuriy S. Vilner
Yuriy S. Vilner
(USA - Russia)
"(...) If you accept the challenge, arrive humble, because your core assumptions will be exposed, tested, and often found false. (...)"