Global Ph.D. Programme

The new Ph.D. programme sets out to create a real research community of scholars whose work is monitored and guided by the best international standards in the field.


Methodology Seminar - 1st semester - 10 ECTS

Scientific Debate Forum - 1st semester - 10 ECTS

Research Workshop - 1st semester - 10 ECTS

Preparation of the Thesis Proposal - 2nd semester - 30 ECTS

Dissertation - 3rd to 8th semesters - 180 ECTS

Maryant N. Fernández Pérez
Maryant N. Fernández Pérez
"(...) It was precisely our various backgrounds what I enjoyed the most (...) I see this LL.M. as the springboard to the future international career I have always dreamt about. (...)"
Martinho Lucas Pires
Martinho Lucas Pires
"(...) you will attend challenging courses, taught by some of the most competent and prestigious academics in the world (...) you will be provoked through innovative, creative and deep perspectives about how law and the world work. (...)"