LL.M. Law in a European and Global Context

This is a programme like no other offered in Europe. It is not simply one more programme focusing on European and International Law, our aim is to teach Law in a European and Global Context and to do so with a top international faculty and employing new methodologies and pedagogical techniques.

This LL .M. is a one year full-time programme running from September to July.

Admissions status: Open

The Law of European Integration I and II
Comparative Private Law

Comparative Public Law

Competition Law

International Trade Law

Tax Law in a European and  Global Context


Two Visions of International Law


Comparative Corporate Law
Comparative and Global Administrative Law

Comparative Intellectual Property in the Digital Age: an EU - US study

Constitutional Law Beyond the State

Free Trade and Environmental Protection

Human Rights Law

International Arbitration

International Investment Law

Legal Process: Advanced Legal Analysis / Law & Economics

Philosophy of Free Trade

Sports Law

The Dynamics of European Union Institutions
The Economics of the Legal System

The Political Philosophy of European Contract Law


Comparative Judicial Decision-Making
The Grand Theories of Small Cases


Legal Research
Legal Writing



The Law of European Integration I and II

Joseph H. H. Weiler 
European University Institute

Miguel PoiaresMaduro 
(on leave)

Damian Chalmers
London School of Economics

José María de Areilza 
Esade / Aspen Institute Spain

Kieran St C Bradley
European Union Civil Service Tribunal

Imola Streho
Sciences Po

Matej Accetto
Católica Global School of Law

This year-long seminar aims at introducing students to the principal historical, political and economic underpinnings of European Integration as well as at providing them with a deep understanding of core substantive law issues. To this end, we will revisit the founding cases of EU law in a fresh light, making use of the Total Law method, and study the phenomenon of European Integration through its five main facets: The Political, The Law, Community, The Market, and The World.

1. The Political
2. The Law
3. Community
4. The Market
5. The World

Be prepared for a very intensive but rewarding seminar!

Yuriy S. Vilner
Yuriy S. Vilner
(USA - Russia)
"(...) If you accept the challenge, arrive humble, because your core assumptions will be exposed, tested, and often found false. (...)"
Donald Regan
Donald Regan
(University of Michigan)
What I most appreciate is the students´ willingness to actually take part in a series of intellectual discussions as opposed to just sitting there waiting to be told what they ought to think…