LL.M. Law in a European and Global Context

This is a programme like no other offered in Europe. It is not simply one more programme focusing on European and International Law, our aim is to teach Law in a European and Global Context and to do so with a top international faculty and employing new methodologies and pedagogical techniques.

This LL .M. is a one year full-time programme running from September to July.

Admissions status: Open

The Law of European Integration I and II
Comparative Private Law

Comparative Public Law

Competition Law

International Trade Law

Tax Law in a European and  Global Context


Two Visions of International Law


Comparative Corporate Law
Comparative and Global Administrative Law

Comparative Intellectual Property in the Digital Age: an EU - US study

Constitutional Law Beyond the State

Free Trade and Environmental Protection

Human Rights Law

International Arbitration

International Investment Law

Legal Process: Advanced Legal Analysis / Law & Economics

Philosophy of Free Trade

Sports Law

The Dynamics of European Union Institutions
The Economics of the Legal System

The Political Philosophy of European Contract Law


Comparative Judicial Decision-Making
The Grand Theories of Small Cases


Legal Research
Legal Writing



The Law of European Integration I and II

Joseph H. H. Weiler 
European University Institute

Miguel PoiaresMaduro 
(on leave)

Damian Chalmers
London School of Economics

José María de Areilza 
Esade / Aspen Institute Spain

Kieran St C Bradley
European Union Civil Service Tribunal

Imola Streho
Sciences Po

Matej Accetto
Católica Global School of Law

This year-long seminar aims at introducing students to the principal historical, political and economic underpinnings of European Integration as well as at providing them with a deep understanding of core substantive law issues. To this end, we will revisit the founding cases of EU law in a fresh light, making use of the Total Law method, and study the phenomenon of European Integration through its five main facets: The Political, The Law, Community, The Market, and The World.

1. The Political
2. The Law
3. Community
4. The Market
5. The World

Be prepared for a very intensive but rewarding seminar!

Daniela Cardoso
"The experience in the LLM paved my way into the future. It strongly broadened my academic and professional horizons."
Lukasz Klemens
Lukasz Klemens
"(...) You can forget about traditional teaching based on passive receiving of information. Here, you will be constantly involved in stimulating discussions, negotiations, debates, brainstorming, exchange of opinions and creating own solutions for global legal problems. (...)"