LL.M. Law in a European and Global Context

This is a programme like no other offered in Europe. It is not simply one more programme focusing on European and International Law, our aim is to teach Law in a European and Global Context and to do so with a top international faculty and employing new methodologies and pedagogical techniques.

This LL .M. is a one year full-time programme running from September to July.

Admissions status: Open


Angelica Ferdinandi
Angelica Ferdinandi
"(...) Leading Professors coming from the best Universities in the world will take your hand and guide you through the European spheres (...) you will discover that you are not only studying EU law: you are EU law happening! (..)"
Diogo Magalhães
Diogo Magalhães
"(...) You will be lucky enough to be part of an amazing group of colleagues from all over the world that will fuel your personal growth and development (...)"