International Students


We recommend International Students to book a hostel before arriving in Lisbon and find a place to live once they get here. This way they can see the flats, negotiate the rent and talk with the landlord before committing to a permanent house.

As a reference, a 3 bedroom apartment in Lisbon can range from 750€ to 1200€ per month and a room in a shared flat may vary from 200€ to 400€, depending on the quality, size and location.

Some picks on where to research:

Once the International Students land at the airport, they may take the metro, a shuttle (91 or 96), a bus (22 and 745 are the ones running towards the city centre) or a taxi (always assure the taximeter is switched on).

Public transportation is a desirable option to get around and purchasing a monthly pass is a very good idea. Further information on the available packages (Cartão Lisboa Viva or Zapping) may be found on,,

Lisbon offers a mild and temperate climate, with short winters and long hot summers. A typical summer season lasts from May to October with temperatures ranging from 16 °C to 38 °C, being the coldest months December, January and February, averaging 15.2 °C during the day and 8.9 °C at night.

In a country where the sun shines all year long and with a coast full of astonishing beaches, the options for the practice of outdoor and water sports are endless. From surfing, to kytesurf, windsurf, sailing, golf, and so on, you will find the best spots nearby Lisbon in Sintra, Ericeira and Cascais (all of them internationally well-known and chosen to host all sorts of competition and championships).

Wandering around the picturesque old areas of the city, such as Castle of St. George and the surrounding neighborhoods of Alfama, Mouraria and Costa do Castelo, or stopping by the lookout points close to Bairro Alto while enjoying the views and going further to Belém and have some of the worldwide famous Pastéis de Belém (Portuguese custard pies) are just great ways to start exploring the city.

But Lisbon’s biggest attraction is the diversity of the city itself. Not too many cities in the World have such an intriguing mix of the old and the new, or so many contrasting faces, making this a city for easy-going exploration and a place to get lost in, discovering its many distinctive sights and characteristic images.

Food plays an important role in Portuguese culture. Traditional Portuguese dishes are often made from simple ingredients, based on regional produce with an emphasis on fish.

The national dish is "bacalhau," dried salted cod. The Portuguese pride themselves for preparing it in 365 different ways, one for each day of the year. Another typical dish, but made with meat, is "cozido à portuguesa," a thick stew of vegetables with various kinds of meat.

Breakfast is traditionally just coffee and a bread roll. Lunch is served between noon and 2 o'clock, and dinner is generally served late, after 8 o'clock. There are usually three courses, often including soup.

The most typical desserts are cinnamon-flavored rice pudding, flan, and caramel custard, but they also often include a variety of cheese.

Portugal is one of the leading wine producers and Portuguese wines enjoy great popularity across Europe as they're of top quality. The most popular ones include Vinho Verde, Vinho do Dao, Mateus, Vinho da Bairrada, Moscatel, Alendejo and the country's flagship Port wine, one of the best-known sweet fortified dessert wines. Apart from wine, Portugal also produces fine liqeurs such as Beirao, a popular Portuguese liqeur produced from exotic herbs, and Ginjinha, a liquer made from cherry-like ginja berries fermented in brandy.

The traditional centre of Lisbon’s nightlife is Bairro Alto, a blend of ageing taverns, designer bars, fado houses and restaurants. To find a nightclub there are some venues around Santos station, or a little further west at Alcântara docks. The world-famous club Lux sits on the riverfront by Santa Apolónia station.

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